Meet Shirley, a lovable lass who enjoys a laugh or two. Shirley's are my hanging pieces I make which are constructed of numerous blown pieces which are then fitted together to form the whole. Shirley's are a lot of fun to make and I think there is a lot of scope to experiment with them. So far I have made five. The fifth is for a Cibo exhibition I will be apart of in late April so I will post some installation pics up as they happen.
For me, when I make them hot, they encompass what glass blowing is about. You are really letting the glass do what it wants to do. You are working with the glass, not against it. The assembly of a Shirley is entirely another challenge. I like seeing these random shapes fit together and begin to make a unified piece. Hidden pathways start to emerge through line and it is alway exciting to see a shirley grow.
I am looking forward to making a red one, move away from the pastels and see what happens...