Gentlemen, start your engines....

I'm back baby! I gots my inspiration, I gots my skills, I'm a ready toooooooooo rummmmble!! Sometimes all it takes is a day off, hangin in the garden, cooking a risotto and before you know it you are sitting down at the kitchen table making cardboard cactus diorammas!

I now have a firm grasp on what I will make for the show and it goes a little somethin, like this:
- cacti with moustaches
- straight cacti, clusters and tall ones
- succulent lamps x3
- straight succulents x5
- bonsai for the back wall
- milkies?
- shirley in greens?
- edamame dishes
- succulent terraniums
there, lets see how that pans out...

Today i made my first hot worked succulent! I am hoping it is as awesome as I thought it was today, when i pull it out of the big oven in the cold, harsh light of day... fingers crossed...eep! Now i know how to do it and what to do to improve them.
Victory is mine.