blog envy

I am so in awe of other blogs, I feel like the dud. I am mildly addicted to reading Pip at "Meet Me at Mikes" and from her lovely read she has links to like a bazillion more. All of them much more fancier than mine. Thats ok, maybe I'm not a blogger, maybe I'm a reader. Which makes me ask; is anyone out there reading this?.. Maybe you have to approach it like some Jedi mind trick, you have readers if you believe you have readers. Or maybe you have readers when you don't think about readers? Pffft. whatever.

Lets see, what else am I mildly addicted/obsessed with and to?
- masterchef, i just can't help myself
- macaroons, those beautiful bright ones. im going to make design some fancy glass platters to serve them...mmmmm
- talking about buying myself new work clothes (but never doing it)
- melbourne, melbourne, melbourne....sigh.
- thinking about my exhibition...
- trying to be all cool and nonchalant about my birthday being next friday

Oh, and by the way I ate dinner at 5:30 like a senior citizen, whats with that?