Great Scott!

Let me firstly say that I am having a GREAT time. Just in general, you know? I don't want to come off all hippy like saying, I love life and what not, but I am just having a great time at the moment. I am super busy and sometimes I don't like scrubbing floors at my paytherentjob, but all in all I am happy as a little bird with a big chip at the mo. Here's why (you know how i like dot points...)

. have awesome, super cute, loving partner, cooks dinner when i am cranky..
. got not one but 2 shows coming up
. (one of those a solo!!!)
. making some great progress with my work and its development, evertime i think i am finished, it just goes really well, i learn something new and i want to make more, more, more!
. had my pretty picture taken with my bonsai's for an adelaide living magazine for sala week
. entered a coupla comps to win some cold, hard cash (for art purposes naturally)
. got 4 days straight coming up in the hot shop
. today i get to catch up and eat delicious pierogi's with my friend dark cloud blue sky, who i haven't seen in a long time. mmmmm.....
. booked flights and accommodation to go see my old school bestie get married in September
. get to hang out with my weiner sister and watch a trashy know the one, something about surly vampires...

whats not to love?
hope you are havin a great time too.