irony sux

From such a great time (just reading that last post makes me want to hurl), to now one dark little black cloud. hmmpf. I GUESS NOBODY REALLY BLOGS THE BAD THINGs hahahaha! those capitals were a mistake.. wah. i just feel like wah. i really dislike my part time job, im sick of thinking about money and lack there of, and am missing some friends i guess, and the big guy, melbourne, lets not forget him, he's always in there somewhere. Maybe its the weather, maybe its the mid year funk, hard to say really. my life feels real messy.
and i have bad circulation.
But back to my 'nobody really blogs the bad things' because they don't want to seem like an asshole. But sometimes its not being an asshole, more like a down and out jerk? but i guess nobody wants to hear about why you hate your job or people who are giving you a hard time. its boring.

This on the other hand is not boring. I think its kinda cool. My exhibition is in a coupla weeks and things are taking shape. Now its just all those stressful niggly things like, price lists, compositions and final pottings. Took a few snaps and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Am getting the real deal tomorrow, forkin out the big bucks. Goodbye hard earned dollars, hello to the moths which will now inhabit my wallet. Lets hope its worth it, fingers crossed.

Well, im going to lie on the couch maybe eat some soup and watch up and listen to the rain. I guess it could be worse...