Hot Dog!, we have a weiner!!!

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing your champion......
(insert wild cheers from rambunctious crowd)

Now we all remember Shirley, yes? And we all thought she was lovely, yes? (its her winning personality) but now we have confirmation of her loveliness!! Earlier this year I entered the Cibo seasonal exhibition, Arancino. For each of the seasons, Cibo is exhibiting Adelaidians work at all of their different Cibo locations. Images go up on line on
and the public gets to vote for the work they like.
Well the votes are in kids and...

Yes it's true, Shirley won her round. A big, heart felt thank you to all my supporters, friends, family or just shirley lover, I thank you for all the support and love you always offer me in all my artistic endeavours.

So what do I win you ask? Well I'm pretty sure there is a cash prize and I'm hoping for some free coffee.. The big boss, Roberto rang me from Cibo and we are going to meet (for coffee, hahaha) and the exchange of prizes next week!! It's a little like meeting a blind date, "So I'm tall, have dark hair.." I really wanted to say I'll be the lady wearing the rose!!

This is the first round of prizes too. As there are other exhibitions, they will have winners too, then we go into an end game (I secretly hope it's like Mad Max and is held at Thunderdome, maybe in that battle cage.. two men enter, one man leave style....) then the winners artworks get displayed on Cibo's takeaway coffee cups. Huzzah!

Vote 1, Shirley for President.