I dream of Japan.
Three years ago me and the b-train went ditched the Winter for a balmy, sometimes humid Japanese summer.

It was amazing.

And consequently I think of Japan everyday. Especially when its cold and rainy because I just think in Japan its beautiful and warm. If I think about it real hard I can almost feel it. I even remember the smells. slightly obsessed, no? I think of riding bikes through the streets, visiting temples, eating delicious, delicious snacks, browsing through amazing fabrics catching crazy trains through the crowded underground...

So now I am trying my darndest to get back there. For someone with very little income but big dreams and different skills, applying for a Japanese residency in 2011. I would like to spend 2-3 months living, breathing, eating Japan. I want to explore the honoured tradition of Ikebana in the hopes of designing an Ikebana specific range of vessels which will then be used for Australian flora.

Sounds neat right?

Well to get me in the mood, that samurai state of mind, I figured I would start posting some of my favourite japan photos, because lets face it, they pretty much havent seen the light of day and I think they should get out there.. By now you can probably sense my procrastination a mile away.. but lets hope this helps. Writing applications for residencies and grants takes up so much of my head space. I want to be as accurate as possible, I want to give it my all, but this time i am having a really hard time starting.
Maybe it's because this time I want it so much?

So lets do it.
Lets get it on.
Japan style.

flip yea.