ode to the business duck

Konichiwa friends! meet "the business duck". Well thats what me and the b-train called him. He's the guy you see at train stations telling you how much you should pay. What are we going to do? Don't worry the business duck will tell us what to do! Public transport, by the way, is awesome in Japan. What you do is just but the cheapest ticket possible, even if you don't know where you are going, then when you get off, look for the business duck, stick your ticket is and he 'adjusts' the fare, telling you how much more you need to pay. I love him. (I don't really know what he's about but I'm sure it's something like that.)

At the moment I am battling some sort of flu. Great. But apart from that I am doing well on my quest to 'think, breathe (when possible through clogged snout) and eat japanese' in the hopes of creating a successful grant/residency application. I have dug up my Murakami books to read and am drinking tea from my favourite mug with pictures of sushi on it (does that even count or was it too lame to mention?) and I am hoping to drag my snotty self down the street to grab some miso for lunch. Miso heals all. It's true. Alright, here we go, round what feels like 86, of re-writing application. wish me luck. (i need it)