Country girl does good.

Say hello to my new range "Yumemiru". These lovely Bonsai forms, hand crafted and lovingly made from glass are now available through Craft Victoria and soon to be in Artisan Qld for their Cherish launch, just in time for Christmas.

I'm pretty sure I have talked about the dizzy-ing highs and spiraling lows of being an artist before, but this is going to be my little reminder that, kid, you done good so far.
Upon my aunty's request (she thinks I need an achievement wall....ah, nah I'm good) i will meet her half way and write myself a little list so that when I am having a low/lull I can come back to this post and refresh my memory. Here goes....

1. Got myself an Artstart grant from Australia Council.
2. Participated in 3 exhibitions this year.
3. One of these being my very first solo show, selling 9 pieces.
4. Photographed for SALA and featured in Adelaide Living Magazine.
5. Inside Out magazine did a photo shoot on me and will be in their Nov/Dec issue this year,
6. Submitted 3 proposals for a Japan residency next year.
7. Won the peoples choice award for the Cibo exhibitions which included cash prize and free coffee for a year. (If anyone would like to join me for a coffee date, I'm buyin....)
8. Am on my way to creating branding for myself.
9. Have secured two new stockists for my work, Craft Vic and Artisan.
10. Have a new production line in the works...

And finally,
I'm a good guy at stuff.

Not too shabby for a country gal.