Well. It's official.
I'm a bum.
I gots the sack and now I am unemployed. Sad face. Apparently the big boss says too many staff. Whatevs. My greatest regret is that I did'nt rack up more of a cheese debt. What an idiot.
I guess now I will have more time to work on my etsy store... and i guess now i can finally get around to joining the library, the house might get to look a little nicer, i could try out new recipes (perhaps only with beans as cash may be at ultimate low..) or i could just sit around the house in my underpants with the blinds drawn, eating bowls of cereal and watching oprah.... blegh!
only time will tell...
it couldnt come at a worse time, but for now i choose to look only on the bright side as this weekend my dear friend lil' lisa and i are goin to melbs! yeehaw! cocktails, shoes, the tim burton exhibition,more booze and delicious eats!! screw you place-of-prior-employment, you will not rain on my melbourney weekend!!
Oh and if you were wondering the above image is of my production line, 'the sweet dips'. avoid the rush, shop from the luxury of your living room.....christmas is coming people!! orders welcome!!! (i do have alot of time on my hands now, just sayin is all...)