Hey it's you!

(hotshop zombies)

Well it sure has been awhile between drinks. Sozz about that, lots going on. Lets see, I have a new job! I now work at Borders, hard copy anyone? Lisa likes to remind me that I am now Manney and have a 'duty-to-do' card but i tell ya what, after shelving for 9hrs i feel more like Bernard, then to compensate when i get home i have to drink and i turn into Fran, 'BOOZE! CAKE! TRUTH!' I do actually really like my new job and think its gonna be a winner. So pretty much all work and not much on the art side.

Lets re-cap the week in hip dot points shall we?
. What doin? - Workin.
. How gettin there? - Ridin my bicycle.
. What readin? - Well I'm glad you asked! Now I can't help myself and have 4 books on the go! shocking I know, what a book hog!

1. A good and Happy child. Amazing, kinda like The Secret History, well a little in the same vein. Kinda bookish thriller style lets say.
2. The Brain that Changes itself. Totally out of my depth here but amazing true stories. Sciency-dealy.
3. One of the True Blood books, can't remember tittle. Trashy vampire goodness for the weekend.
4. Hello Sandwich's guide to Tokyo. Research, cute research.

. Watchin? - OMG, The Dead Walkers, brand new zombie series, scarin the pants off me!
. What makin? - Ooh this is a good one, got a party to go to and the theme is 'dead icons on a cruise'. I have decided to go as Carmen Miranda, or as I now like to call her, Carmanda, get it? Do you know how hard it is to buy fake fruit in this town?
. What eatin? - I have a mild addiction to 'Sushi in the City'...
. Listenin? - ipod on shuffle, it's ready for a revamp (you and me both kid)

So doin stuff, but not really doin stuff. Just kinda afloat at the moment, conserving my energy...
Oh I do have a show to pack up and get to Melb..... yeah....totes on it, like tomorrow, i promise.