Keys love

Hello there friend! I have much to tell you but alas it's very late and i should be in bed (my little peepers are real sore and I think i ate a bug on the ride home from work..) so in the pre-lude to all my new news (new news? hahahaha) I thought it might be nice to take the time and give a quick shout out to the lovely, super talented, super foxy artist that is Ms Erin Keys..

Earlier this year The B-train and I enlisted the mad skills of Ms Keys to design and make my wedding and engagement rings. Aren't they dreamy? (photo courtesy of Keys) They are so beautiful sometimes they are so that they make my heart hurt (actually when I first got them I was driving and the diamonds reflected and i was distracted by theyre shiny sparkleness!!) They are two rings that interlock in white gold with champagne diamonds and other lil gems for effect.

I can't gush about them enough.. when shopping for rings I got very disheartened as all those mass produced princess styley rings were just not me and i was starting to think i was'nt meant to have a ring.. enter Keys. Erin is an extremely skilled jeweller/metalsmith/maker/all round good guy and she read me like a book (which i'm sure was very difficult as I am an amazing fence sitter and hard to read moron) now look at the results!

Me in a ring.
Thanks Keys, I loves ya kid.

so do yourself a favour and check her out before she gets too famous and you have to book even her assistant like 7 months in advance just to make a booking to get to her. (I hear she has a fancy website on the horizon too...)

More exciting news to come....