Day 4 - the deal breaker

For me, today was a day of dualities. The morning was spent very pleasantly attending a Jumpmentoring information session. Here i met some other lovely artists and had quite an informative day. Got a great list of resources and learnt abit more about what Jump can provide for me. I feel really positive about this and look forward to the out comes. Already I would strongly advise any emerging artist under 30 to think about applying for next year. The Carclew team are super enthusiastic and a wealth of knowledge for folks like me. (They even fed me quiche for lunch! How civilised and delicious!) Tomorrow morning both Ruth and I will attend.

So what about the team you ask? A morning off? Time for a kip? Not bloody likely! Those kids were in there pumping it out as always, no rest for the wicked as they say, and by wicked i mean flipping AWESOME! I don't know the actual temperature today, up in the 30's I think, but man the Jam felt like the sun itself, and those kids were in there working hard, as always. Comrades I salute you. Your hard work is much appreciated and will not go un noticed. Sweat was pouring off them yet still they work with a smile, churning out piece after piece. Bravo my little hot shop demons, bravo.

My afternoon was frantic and stressful unfortunately... a grant dead line rapidly approaches tomorrow and lets just say this one did not run smoothly and not to my own fault i must say. But i won't bore you with the details my lovelies (i don't think i am even ready to revisit that yet!) So consequently I don't have any new pics for you, sorry! But I will tell you the team is rapidly approaching their goal of 100 pieces. Tomorrow is their last day and I am very excited to see the quality of work they are turning out. Huzzahs all round!
So instead I'm going to leave you with a snap of my new production line; "Colour Pots". Thoughts? Comments? Feed back is most welcomed here at Little Bird Big Chip....