Day 5 - Last making day

Today was the last day on the job for the Jam crew. And I am pleased to say..... they nailed it! Our target was 100 and we need 80, I'm not sure of the actual count but we smashed it thats fo' sure. Now we will have the luxury of picking and chosing the best for the mobile, the crem de la creme so to speak.
Look even Maddy is happy about it.

And here is Kristel, eye on the prize.

Remember these tiles we laid out ever so patiently?

Well they kinda turn out like this when they are rolled up.

Then they get spun out into this!

Here is Mads hard at work in the cold shop.

Now the thing about mobiles is you have to have balance right? Each one has to be weighed to fit in with each other.
Now its time to think about colour families. Who hangs out with who.

They get sandblasted on the back for that nice soft look.

Now for the first test run. A careful balancing act to counteract the weight of each piece.

and heres how you transport a precarious piece!

And here she is hanging....

Beautiful no? So I think this was a great project for everyone involved. It was a big learning curve for everyone. The team had a chance to find their feet, we all learnt about colour schemes and what works with murrini, Ruth and I are learning to work together and the piece is coming to life. We had the run of the hot shop at the Jam for a week and we are very grateful for their support. So we are maybe 70% there? Now for a whole new set of challenges...stay tuned for installation, i hear there will be scafolding involved......