Little Bird BIG City!

Lean in close my little birds because I have some big news for you...BIG news. John Candy (god rest his soul) big.

I am going to Japan!!

Ow yeah! Konichiwa Japanese Little birds! I am super excited to be able to announce to you that in March this year I will be traveling to Tokyo to undertake a research residency into the honoured tradition of Ikebana, Japanese floristry. My plan is to compile research for an Australian native Ikebana range. Proteas, warratahs maybe some banksias? Who knows? Its all very exciting!

I am both excited an terrified. Living in Tokyo for two whole months....gulp. I'm sure it will be fine, how hard can it be...HAVE YOU SEEN THE TOKYO SUBWAY MAP?!! ITS LIKE 20 OCTOPUS ON ACID!! But on the up side you can buy beer from a vending machine, so hey maybe if i just slug one of those before I attempt to decipher the trains everything will turn out swell.....
I am now trying to line up a sala show to display some of these new works I will create when i get home. I am thinking of more of an installation based show using the ikebana vessels, but early days yet, lets just get there right?

Now, where did I put that passport?.....