Only 8 sleeps to go!!

Ikebana Australiana!!

In only 8 short days, I will be in Tokyo.
Trying desperately to navigate octopus like subway lines, scoffing myself stupid with sashimi and karrage (pretty much like a japanese version of kfc but a million bazillion times better), waiting patiently for the cherry blossoms to bloom, fumbling horribly with a foreign language (giving it a lovely Aussie twang), and most importantly taking classes in the honoured tradition of Japanese floristry; Ikebana.

Its all very exciting yet terrifying at the same time. I still have a few more things to organise (my flight home...) and the planning levels are off the bloody charts, but I am nearly ready. Its been a long time coming and to think that these 'hair brain' schemes of mine are actually coming to be a reality are mind blowing to say the least. I have always had a love for Japan and obsessed with my glass blowing and wanted to somehow combine the two, and now here we are. Nothing short of amazing. I thought before I take off I would take the time off to explain the project (for you and me both!). So here we go...

My sister is a florist and I am a glassblower. I have always thought there is the perfect project out there for us to work together on. Studying Ikebana together to then translate these learnings into vessels for Australian natives is our ultimate goal. We our looking to explore the parallels between Ikebana and our own design aesthetics. For me personally, I am excited to gain insight into a whole new set of design ideals which I hope will inturn contribute and strengthen my own skills as a designer and maker.

Much like glass blowing, Ikebana uses harmony of linear construction, rythmn and colour to create arrangements. I feel there are sililarities to explore and expand on which could lead to exciting new works. I have lined up a SALA show for August this year. I am going to make Ikebana vessels and work together with an Adelaide florist, Chill Flowers to create a window installation for the Adelaide South Australian Living Artist festival. I am then hoping to tour the show to Melbourne.

So how the flip are we going to do this? We will take weekly lessons at Sogetsu school of Ikebana. So how about some images already?!! Below are a couple of Ikebana installation pieces which are blowin my mind! Not just pretty flowers in a vase right?