Change on the horizon

Exciting times are on the way. Yes sir, I can feel it. Life has been a little rocky lately, to say the least... and lets face it, I am not out of the woods yet. Facing the cold harsh face of unemployment, which seems to funnily enough to have its head firmly attached to the neck of "pay the rent", which you will see travels on to the shoulders of "what will I eat", and only to firmly plonk itself onto the belly of "depression"....(that was a little dramatic, forgive me) anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the no job thing! My last day of work will be next Saturday. I am sad, fearful and relieved all at the same time. I actually really like my job and think that I am quite good at it. I really enjoy being able to recommend books for customers and try to find ones which suit their tastes. I got to meet some great people and I got to deal with some real jerks. I really liked all the team of staff and had some great managers to work for. I am sad to not be apart of that team anymore.

However there are small flashing beacons far off on the horizon that I can just make out. One is an intriguing interview I have tomorrow with the Central School of Art. A lovely lady asked if I had a job to go to, then proceeded to hand me her friends card (who just happens to be the managing director) and told me they were looking for like minded people. Fast forward two weeks later and I have an appointment to meet with them to discuss a position that may be coming available. I have no idea what this may be and I am very intrigued indeed..... Curioser and curioser....

Perhaps the most exciting blinky light on the horizon, is that as soon as I finish at Borders I will walk right into a two week residency at the Jam. I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity. Originally I was going to run a week long design project but due to a few changes in the program and the current associates needs, the idea of a two week residency was offered to me and I am very excited! This is exactly the opportunity I need to get me out of the post Japan slump I have been feeling. A two week period to work with the associates and prototype new designs for my own works. It's almost too good to be true!

But do you know the best thing that happened to me today? I was on my break, sipping a coffee on a bench in the mall when I met a lovely older gentleman who was vision impaired. He asked for the time and we just started chatting from there. He was telling me how he had imacular degeneration in his eyes and couldnt really see detail. He wanted to buy a watch but thought what was the point and just decided he would just ask people instead. He told me that it was better for him to get out and about rather than sit at home and feel sorry for himself. He catches the tram by himself and is very independent. He also bought a new electric shaver that he seemed quite chuffed with. He also told me to get my eyes checked as early prevention is the way to go (this condition actually runs in our family so I took it as a friendly reminder from lady universe to make that appointment). Anyways, he was just a lovely man and I kind of wish I could have chatted to him a little longer. I will look out for him next time. Sometimes a lovely stranger can just lift my day. Just last week I met a woman on the bus. I think I really like to talk to strangers and might try it more often.

Well wish me luck for tomorrow, I will be looking my best (I'm off to pluck my brows do you think they will notice?..)

Also I forgot to tell you, I went to Melbourne over Easter and got to visit my mentor Ruth Allen I will tell you all about that next time my little birds.