Friday afternoons are the best

Lookit! A birthday present for a soon to be mama...

Some fresh blooms for inspiration. On Monday I will begin my two week residency at the Jam. Am super excited and ready to throw myself in 100%, give it all I gots and see what comes out the other side. (I am secretly hoping for something AMAZING!!) Today is my last day of work for Borders. We are closing down. It has been a real rollercoaster, full of highs and lows, tears, hilarity, rude customers beyond belief, heart warming individuals and a whole heap of amazing books. Now, finally I think I am able to take the positive from the negative.

A two week residency to kick things off, then I have decided to take the next month to concentrate solely on glass. I have 3 exhibitions coming up, orders to fill and I am going to use this precious time to, ahem, take over the world. Yeah! You herd me! Take over the mother flippin world!! Sure money may be an issue, but sometimes you just gotta jump right? Take risks, take over the world. Sounds about right.

Look at these crazy guys. Tulips wanting to escape and do their evil bidding no doubt. That's why I gots to keep them contained , who knows what they would get up to if I gave them half the chance?..

Oh! and look what I got i the mail!! This awesome handmade pendant in the mail!! I bought it from etsy from the amazing seller Cat Rabbit. This is one seriously talented lady. Check her out she makes fantastic critters.

Dodgy picture of me wearing my new necklace. I am proud as punch, no?

Listening to my faaaaavourite records, Devo, live recording and Good Morning Vietnam. Also some Stevie Wonder, Talking Book. Finally figured out how to turn on the decks. We've only lived here a year and a half, sheesh.

And at some point I inted to turn these awesome fabrics into a quilt! How good is the octopus one? Last weekend I popped into the Bower Bird market at met the lovely ladies from Ink and Spindle. They make such great textiles, I couldn't help myself. (Also bought a blanket, eep! I couldn't help myself!!)