Sweet Studio

Welcome to Lobe! This is my mentor, Ruth Allen's studio. I went over at Easter to check it out and man, oh man, it is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Ruth and her partner have done so much work to create this amazing workshop that it kind of blows my mind if I start thinking too hard about it all.
So, Lobe is set in deep Coburg. Actually kinda Coburg-industrial town. There is all sorts of interesting stuff going on in their street, not to mention an awesome fish monger across the street. So to combat the loud street, ruth has created a little green oasis in their front yard.

This is one of ruth's large wall installations. How nice to have a big, beautiful white wall to do test runs on.
This is the inside.

This is the beginnings of a bigger glory hole.

These are Ruth's production. She cuts up beer bottles, picks them up hot, then makes them into beer glasses. Talk about your recycling! It's also fun to get the stock up...

This is the baby gloryhole! Great for making beer glasses.

Such a beautiful and inspiring studio. I really like hanging out there and can't wait to go back.