A Spot of gardening..

So in case you were wondering, this is what a cactus looks like before I make it! Look at all those pretty colours! This is my set up for the hot box. From here they ramp up to around 500 degrees, then I can pick them up on the end of my pipe and pop a bub into them. From here I take gathers of glass to make the form bigger. The colour which comes in rods is like pure colour or concentrated colour. So a little bit can go a long way. These are the colours I used yesterday, so maybe tomorrow I will have some pics for you.

This is how I spend my time in the studio... make a cup of tea, start mixing the plaster mix, add pigment, let tea go cold, add some rocks, wait for the mix to go off (impatiently...) realise that my tea has gone cold, curse, heat tea in microwave, pot cacti and voila!!

Its fun gardening in the studio. I especially like making the succulents but as I forgot yesterday, you have to be patient!! Let the mix go off and don't rush it. I had to be downstairs to blow glass yet I was upstairs trying to grow a succulent. As a result the large guy might look a little flat, but i thought it was a good composition so i left it.

Huzzah for me.

This is where it all begins... maybe I will take some more step by step photos for you? I would like to take some in the hot shop for you then you can see the process. But maybe this is just interesting for me? Maybe I can wrangle a friend to play photographer for me?... gotta go water my plants, see ya!