burning books of fury doused in tears of despair

Stupid, god damn happiness book can kiss my curvy butt goooooood byyyye! Today I felt like tearing it in half (with my bear hands, like the hulk ("hulk smash")) then throw it out the window of preferably a speeding train, hopefully doused in petrol and in a blaze of glory.
Bah. I've never been so sad this week. The week that I start reading the happiness book I start feeling incredibly sad, Co-winkdy dink? I think not! I want my money back! (Probably hard now its in a million pieces of flaming wreckage)
I don't think anyone really wants to hear what I really think about this woman at the moment. It's not very happy....
You know what made me happy today?
Here we go;
- organising a tripple rubbish collection for the shop, garbage and cardboard everywhere I look! (last week I actually hid the garbage in the cardboard so the boss lady would be none the wiser! hahahahaha! now that made me happy, how to hide your garbage from the big boss 101)
- looking at pictures of cats and dreaming of the day i get to have a furry friend of my own, british shorthair please
- playing tetris in the back room with the stock
- pretending that i didnt get lumped with a terrible haircut

and thats about it.
Slim pickings alright