Bathrooms and the love of Peach

There are two things I love about Japan at the moment.
The bathrooms.
And their love for the flavour peach.

Do you know how much I love peach? If I was given the choice of only having to taste one flavour for the rest of my life I would give some heavy consideration to the peach flavour. At home it is ridiculously hard to get your mitts on even a peach spritz anymore, that is unless you can borrow the delorian for a couple of hours and take a spin back to the early nineties. Peach is a big hit in Japan. So far I have had maybe 6 different peach drinks! 6! Flat peach, fizzy peach, fuzzy peach, natural peach, peach that is so artificial it makes your teeth cry.
I have also had a peach filled chocolate that is to die for and just today weenie informed me that she saw a peach flavoured gum. (Why the hell she didn't buy some for me is still a sore point, she told me I had to "use my looking"...)

I am contemplating throwing all my clothes out and coming home just with a bag filled with peach flavoured goods.

(As you will notice I am also partial to the colour peach, my love for peach knows no boundaries, smell, sight, all good in my book.)

Now lets talk bathrooms.
If I am ever fortunate enough to build my own house it will be having a Japanese style bathroom. 

They are the bees knees of bathrooms.

It's kinda like one whole wet room. So on the other side you get undressed and dump all your clothes, then you go into the other room which is all tiled real nice and you can splash the water round as much as you like. THere is also a tub in there but it is short and deep rather than long and shallow. I had my very first bath in there today with some soak that had a picture of vegetables then a lady looking tired, then not so tired after her bath and I thought I'm a lady, I'm tired, lets give it a go...

(Cept the only problem, like all baths I run, I ran it too hot and ended up kinda stewing in there. Well sweating and stewing in my brown beef stock looking bath...not a great image I know.) So now the whole apartment smells like cloves and thats ok by me.

Another crazy thing about this bathroom is that the drain for the tub just runs out onto the floor of everything so like weenie found out, if you leave your pj pants on the floor then pull the plug on the tub, they will get wet...

The shower is on one of those hoses that you can fix to the wall or mount. I love everything about it and I want one.

I also saw this timy dog being blowdried by a surly shop assistant...hahahahaha!