Jet Lagged Ramblin's

It seems so bizarre to tell you that this morning I was in Tokyo eating breakfast with my fam and now I am in Seattle eating a turkey sandwich and drinking a massive coffee but it is really still the same day?....!! jet lag, what a bitch right? So now begins phase two of the deezarock's world tour of '02; Pilchuckin'. But before we get to that I thought I might just spew out a few Japan thoughts while they are fresh (and before my computer's life carks it, here goes;

These are the things I learnt in Japan:
- Japan has 5 kinds of recycling but for someone who values recycling so highly, you will come home from the 7-11 with a million plastic packagings for that one piece of candy you bought, go figure.
- For a nation who is known for their politeness, snakes alive are they brutal in the subway. The amount of times I got cut off, stepped on and generally shoved out of the way, but hey I guess they gots to be at work I guess, a million trains to catch I suppose
- eating your lunches from a convienience store is awesome.
- green tea flavoured kit kats are also awesome
- you can still smoke inside but not on the street, only in certain spots
-  japanese transportation is amazingly efficient
- everyone has buns of steel from the masses of stairs they climb everyday in getting to the subway
- japanese telly is hilarious and informative at the same time
- weiner dogs are the dog of choice in Tokyo
- dressing your dog up and pushing it in a pram is also the way to go
- a bare minimum of 3 people is employed to do 1 persons job, for an outside job, there is always someone wearing a hard hat
- meat on a stick is the best
- beauty can be found in the everyday
- izakeya's don't open until 5...
- avoid catching a train at 8:30am...
- everyone rides a bike
- 100 yen shops are the tits
- japan on the whole is mild mannered and quiet I feel like it has made me quiet and I look forward to laughing loudly again
- sleeping on the train is big
thats all i got for now, my brain is starting to turn to mush. I'll try and get my Ikebana findin's out while they are fresh too, but thats for laters