What's the turning circle like on that swan?

I got to ride around one of these lil babies! A pedal swan boat! Now my life might be complete. Although, the swan does have some downsides (i know, i know but its a swan and you boat around on it, i hear you) 1. i think these swans were not made for wookies, i felt like i was peddling with my knees around my ears. Also they sure do like to sit upright in swans, no reclining here. 2. this is really not the swans fault, but i nearly dropped my purse in the lake and into a snapping turtles waiting jaws! sayonara credit-o-card, id, all my yen, konichiwa tokyo sans cash... i guess those are the only real downsides but the entire cuteness of your mode of transportation trumps everything! (sorry spine, we'll talk later..)
So first up ya gotta get your keys, ie buy a ticket. 700 yen buys you one sweet hour in a swan.
Then you get to hop in your beauty! Some guy (swan handler) helps you in and out. Thank god, I was fine with the getting in bit, it was the docking bit i was not so sure on. The dude probably explained it to us but seeing as my Japanese is not up to scratch I didn't hear a word of it. All I got was bring her back in by 3:45, you gots an hour in the swan lady.
You could of picked one of these.
Or one of these. But why on earth would you pick one of those when you could have one of these?!!

There seemed to be lots of dates going on in the lake but mostly in rowboats. And there was one chick in a rowboat just reading a book...there were two other goons in a swan just like us they also were in hysterics as they were repeatedly driving their swan into the trees. You can really get some speed up in those things too, I could only imagine what a sunny day would bring, imagine that whole lake just filling up with swans, it would be like bumper boats, they give out the keys (pedals) to any idiot!

But really the swans were just a bonus, we were really heading out to see the big guy; Totoro.

Of course no journey is complete without a peach flavoured drink.

And fyi if you are going to the ghibli museum to ride the cat bus (and who wouldn't?) apparently its only for 'small children'. Pffft. What a rip! Everyone digs the cat bus and it is more than equipped for its larger sized lovers. This is the only snap i have as photos are not allowed, I had to secret squirrell this one hence the fuzziness. 


Now if i could only remember where i parked.....