Team Bonsai for the Win

It's been a busy week since returning home. Have just started getting settled back into Melbourne life. Did a quick stint back to Adelaide to make some work and had a cracker of a time. Was extremely busy, blowing glass for four consecutive sessions and running a small team to make the works. Super fun, super tiring. Each time I do this I thin, ok so next time I won't blow everyday, why can't I remember this?!

So I think what I would like to do for the remainder of this year is really concentrate on expanding and getting my Yumemiru works exposed. These are my glass bonsai. I love making this line of work and think that there is real scope to move onwards and upwards with them. I seem to get really good feedback on them and am slowly developing a market for them. I have just had a new stockist come onboard; Sandarne who are a lovely little business located in Sorrento on the coast. I also just completed another order for Aspects of Kings Park who are located in Perth, and I will also be supplying works for a pop up shop in Melbourne, details to be announced soon!

To get the works done I headed back to Radelaide where I put together a small team. I made a total of 42 Bonsai in 3 days!! 3 days! I AM MY OWN FACTORY! For the first time I decided to try and make them with a team of three, instead of just me and my assistant. Two words;

Game. Changer.

Holy shitballs! It was amazing! So fast! We worked really hard and got some amazing results. I finally feel as though I have a viable product that I can make some clams from. So in case you were wondering, heres how team bonsai runs:

I have one assistant pick up the colour, pop a bub, then start gathering up. This then gets passed off to me where I make the shape and then my second assistant brings me a punty which allows me to transfer the piece off of the pipe and then shape and finish the top half of the piece. As this is happening my first assistant is prepping for the next piece. As soon as I am finished, my first assistant and I switch pieces so they put away the finished piece to anneal and I take the next piece from them.

It is super fast and pretty exciting. It did take a little getting used to with timings and whatnot. The bonsai have such a specific set up with all that lovely weight on the bottom so the assistant making the initial shape really needs to know what they are doing. I really love working in a team, there is such a good energy. Whats really exciting is that working in this manner gets really good results. Having a couple of orders allowed me to experiment with working in a team. It is hard to get suppliers to take work which is not on consignment so suppliers, such as Sandarne and Aspects who are actually purchasing the work are most welcome!

Also for the vey first time I hired another assistant to do some coldworking for me. This is the cold process which involves grinding and polishing the bottom. Lets just say this is not my strong point....I can do it, I just don't enjoy it that much and really have to concentrate on it. Paying someone who is skilled in this area is awesome! It also meant that I could concentrate on the hot side of things. Having only 5 days in Adelaide meant that I was a little strapped for time, I blew glass everyday but I had to get my head around timing, to get the work not only made but cold worked, packed and shipped. Phew!

And here they are, signed, sealed, (almost) delivered. Yay for me!

So the next step is securing some more stockists, particuarly for Melbourne. I also want to explore the possibilities of getting the bonsai to some bigger outlets. I would love a corporate or hospitality fit out. Just how to nab one.....
And here they are! Two members of team bonsai, the very talented Danielle Rickaby and Jaan Poldaas.Or as I like to call them, Rockabee and Polrock.
Aren't they awesome?