Suburban Obsessions

Lately, I am obsessed with taking pictures like this. I snap them on my way to work, I snap them on my way home, I snap them at any opportunity possible. I just think they are beautiful. They are like the hidden gems of the suburbs. The majority of my Japanese trip photos were of the suburbs, I was obsessed with those too. At the time I thought, our burbs are nowhere near as interesting and beautiful as theirs, but maybe I'm wrong?

They seem so calm and peaceful and to me they are beautiful. I don't really know why I like them so much, maybe because we have been talking alot about buying our own house? Maybe I secretly dream one of these was mine? 

Had drinks at this amazing little off the laneway kinda thin, think its called the grub (?) Super cute, food looks good, they have an open plan kitchen where you can see EVERYTHING that goes on. (Bad news if you burn something...)
Then we headed into the city to go to a rad opening at Craft Vic. Its Lauren Simeoni and Mel Somethingerather (sorry) and they are the unnatural jewellers! I love their work its ridiculously cool. All mixed up beads, found materials, fake plants and fruit. I highly recommend getting ones behind down to see whats on offer. 

Weenie had a better time than her expression would suggest, I swear. It was fun to meet some new people (an instagram friend who I actually introduced my self as "hi. im little bird big chip, we are friends on instagram." Ugh, what a dork I am, sigh. We hatched a few plans for exhibitions over a few wines, always the best time to do it I feel. We're thinking, slides, we're thinking blooms, native flower bombing, slides of mrs ghandi taken by our nan, big projections, the possibility of cake, but, oh, I've said too much...

I had the most delicious apricot iced tea.
I ate lunch by myself at a cute cafe.
I bought too many flowers.
I delivered work to a new stockist.
I held my very first dinner party.
I pretended to be fancy.

We had:
Crazy Sticky Chinese Pork Belly Ribs
Asian Slaw
Steamed Greens
Custard Tarts


Vodka cocktails with raspberry soda, lime and mint

How good is the table cloth?

So thats about it for this week, and I have been hanging out quite a bit with this fury jerk: