Design Files Pictures

Good evening chaps! It is late and my little eyes feel like sand paper but I couldn't sleep a wink til I show you some snaps. I wanted to post these ages ago but my computer had a freak out and said 'no'.

Lets hope she is in a better mood this time....

These are from the Design Files Open House late last year.

Look! It's me!
super rad shot of all the fun things going on in the house.
The beautiful living room filled with all sorts of amazing things.
A very beautiful paper chandelier by the talented Miss Emily Green.
A super fantastic terrarium by Miniscapes.
Crazy Kids room!

This year I was really happy with my colour choices for my own work. I felt that they fit so lovely with all the other bright loveliness going on. Good job Amanda, you did good kid. (for once....)

And thats it! Good night my little muffins! xoxox