Help a little bird fly to Scotland

It's here! It's live! The cat is out of the bag!

 Welcome to my Pozzible Project. Pozzible is the amazing concept of crowd funding. If you have a good idea but don't have the clams to make it happen you can put your project up for the public to take a gander at and hopefully pledge you some money. Some amazing success stories come out of Pozzible. It really is a sweet concept. You should check it out.

As you all may know I am headed to Scotland this April to make some glass. I have put together my project to ask for some help in getting me there. $2000 actually to go towards getting me there. You can pledge as little as $10 or go large and kick it all the way up to $1000! So whats in it for me you ask? Rewards!! Sweet, sweet rewards!!

At each level of donation there is a thank you present from me because I want you to know just how amazing I think you are and how grateful I am for your support. These range from a shout out on facebook, a postcard from Scotland to even some of my glass works!! Thats right friend, a donation from you could secure yourself one of my works for you to keep!!! You remember these guys right?:

And how about.....these?!!!!:

Thats right, you could secure yourself a radish. A radish!! To my top pledger I would like to reward them with one of the very pieces I will be creating in Scotland. These are one of a kind and yet to be exhibited anywhere. (Plus I think they are pretty sweet.)

So there are 30 days for me to reach my target of $2000 and if in the end of that time the total is not reached I get nothing. Nada, zip, zero, the pledgers that have donated will get their money back. This project is so important to me. It is the most ambitious project I am yet to attempt and I believe it has the potential to act as a crucial stepping stone for my professional practice and could be the beginning of big things to come for me and my work.

So if you would like to support me and my big Scottish dream please head on over to my pozzible site 

Even a small donation of $10 is a BIG deal to me. And if you can't afford to chip in, sharing my site is just as good! Tell your friends, put it up on facebook! Maybe there is someone out there who really likes glass radishes?.... Wish me luck! 

30 days, $2000 clams