Pat the cat for the 30th time

Up at the crack of dawn? Check.
On the bike and to the pool? Check.
Delicious breakfast? Check.
Grant proposal drafted out? Check.
Commission quoted and sent? Check.
Procrastinating playing with the Cat?.....Check.

Oh and flight to London booked?...Check-a-roonie!

So maybe it is ok to play with the cat? Just for a little bit. Ughhh! I really gotta submit that proposal its due tomorrow!!! Ok, here is the game plan, write blog post, pat cat, make iced tea, pat cat, hunker down to check proposal, pat cat, submit proposal, celebrate by hugging the cat and with more tea. Seamless right? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

But who can resist this face?!!!!!
Its even worse when he flops like this!!!
Agh! Get back to work!