1 x trip to Scotland!!


My Pozzible project is now 100% funded.

Can you believe it?!! This means I now have $2000 to go towards return flights to Scotland to participate in a six week residency at North Lands Glass. 

I just want to take this time to give a big, BIG
heart felt thanks to ALL my supporters.

Whether you made a generous pledge yourself or just shared my link to help get it out there, 
thank you so much.
All this is because of

I am just so stunned at all the support I have received. It really does make me feel loved! I am so grateful for allllll the pledges I received, big and small, and I am especially thankful for the pledges I received from those who really are counting their pennies at the moment. Money is tight all round and I think that is what makes it so special that people have chosen to spend their hard earned dollars in support of me and my project.

Having the support of all you behind me makes me really excited to make the work. I am super pumped to be able to travel half way round the world to make new works. I hope you will follow me as I will be sharing it all with you on my blog. I promise lots of photos and tons of updates so stay tuned.

So if you didn't get a chance to pledge and you would like to fear not!! There is still 5 days left for my pozzible campaign. So if you would like to donate you still have time. Any extra funds I am lucky enough to receive will go to the purchase of colour. Purples, greens, browns, all the good beet-y and radish-y colours. Who knows, your pledge could be the one that gets me closer to that elusive ....

"Golden Beet"......

Thank you.