Made it!!

I made it! I survived the mega flight....only barely...
Not one, not two, but three screaming children. And I mean blood curdling, help I’m being dismembered, screaming. Top that off with two weirdos next to me who wouldn’t move so I could get up to take a wizz and made them climb over them to get out (at one stage as I was pretty much in her lap, my shoe fell off and I loudly just started saying, “My shoe. THATS my shoe. MY SHOE HAS FALLEN OFF.” over and over. Ugh, and the food by the last meal was indistinguishable. But on the bright side, it was technically Easter so with every meal I got to eat a hot cross bun. Win. Also I finally got to watch that ridiculous cheesy movie Magic Mike. I must admit I felt like a bit of a creep watching a movie about male strippers on a plane but I thought to myself I’m never going to see any of you people again and I haven’t slept for two days so I pretty much do what i feel like from now on in.

So I got to  hang out with my lovely friend Clare and her family who were so awesome and nice to let me crash in on their family for easter. I went to bed at 4:30pm for a “nap” and then got up the next day at 8:30am. Best sleep ever. We ate a giant roast lunch, had an egg hunt and then went to visit lambs. Lambs!! 

So now it gets down to the pointy end of things, what I’m really doing half away across the globe, millions of miles from home (not just to pat lambs and eat hot cross buns unfortunately), to undertake a 6 week residency at North Lands Creative Glass. Cue scary music. I’m kind of terrified! What the hell am I doing here?! How will I get there? Do I remember how to blow glass? Will they be nice? Will my husband remember me? Am I going to freeze to death? Does Scotland have “the internet”? Is my cat going to talk to me when I get home? Am I going to be able to understand anyone? Do you think I bought a puffy enough jacket? Will my sister stay out of my stuff? Will I be able to stop mimicking everyone like a parrot without even knowing it? 

Is this the start of something amazing?

Lets hope so. Questions, so many questions. One thing you can say about me is I sure like throwing myself out of my comfort zone. I promised myself I wouldn’t travel again on my own and here I am. Terrified. I am very excited at the prospect of 6 whole weeks to dedicate entirely to new glass work! The studio! I’m going to work everyday on the glass!! What an amazing opportunity, I am so extremely grateful and I am going to throw myself in wholeheartedly. I am not going to be terrified I am going to be excited.