One week in

Well hey there, time for a weekly wrap up...

I have kind of lost track of how long I have been here (so far I know it has been x2 shopping expeditions for supplies (booze)). It has been our first week of full work. Blowin glass everyday like a boss. 8hrs on the glass a day, amazing. It has only just dawned on me how much glass I can blow here and what an amazing opportunity it is. It kind of feels like being an associate again, up at 7 to light up, first shift 8-12 then lunch then 1-5. I guess except this time I feel a little more prepared and kind of know what I am doing (red end = hot).

At first I just felt like a ball of nerves but I seem to be settling. It helps that the other artists here are just lovely. There is Anne who makes beautiful and complex moulds which she then casts with frit she has made herself. Trish is working on some sound installation ideas. And then there Jeff who is making sculptural work. Seems to be that me and Jeff are pairing up to drain that sucker dry. We work 5 days a week and share the day. I kind of feel like I have lucked out seeing as he is such a skilled up dude (i'm sure he doesnt feel the same...sorry!) so there is tons of tricks I can learn from him. It also helps that he seems to be a bit of a fellow arse clown like myself.

This is my first beet outta the box. A little gnarly but I was pretty stoked to get one away. I already know where I went wrong and things to improve on. Today we made a daikon radish with a pretty fancy/scary way of finishing it off so technically there is no coldworking. None. Nadda. Say Wha?? Oh and then I pulled possibly the worst stuffed cup cane of all history. Just as the director decided to rock up and stick his head in. Why couldnt he have rocked up when I was making the god damn radish!!!

Lets see what else, well the bulk of our excitement in Lybster seems to consist of us chasing a fish guy of some sorts. Theres fresh fish guy on Tuesday and fish and chip van guy on Friday. Allllriiiiiight. I particuarly don' thtnk the fresh fish guy had ever been greeted with such enthusiasm. "Oh my god the fish guy is here!! The fish guy!! Get the money!!" Jeff made a super sweet beer glass in the hopes we could trade glass for fish but apparently the last guy got the sack for trades... Bummer. Oh and get this, there is pretty much nothing to do outside of blow glass, check out the coast or go to the pub, but there is a fucking pristine lawn bowls club. Next door!! I have seen the dude out there everyday buffin the pitch. Even in the snow!! I think game day kicks off this Sunday, super pumped. Already been invited in for a roll from an old man and his little dog. Ooh that reminds me, Lybster is good for dog spotting (maybe I am just missing my mont). Today i met a super friendly border collie named "Scallywag". And get this, where we go to do our weekly shop there is always a cat hanging around out fron just waiting for a pat!!.

We have also managed to get our grubby mitts on a projector so now we can watch crappy 80's movies, Suhhhweeet. So far we have watched Highlander and Friday. Pretty hilarious. I never knew Sean Connery was a "Spanish Peacock"...The back flipping was my favourite part. And thats about it.

Look at that ridiculous cup!! Its hilarious! 

One thing I do wish is that i packed more freaking clothes!! Or at least something semi decent to wear after work. I already feel like a smokey gritty hobo. At least I have a shitload of socks, I have Clare to thank for that, thanks Clare!!