Pretzel did good

I am constantly surprised by glass blowing. It pushes me to my brink and then pulls me right back in again. So last post I talked about feelin a little tired and making pretzels. Well what a difference an early night (i fell asleep in my clothes whilst sending emails) and a new day can make!

Today while still being squirell-ey Friday, could have the potential to be a game changer of a day!!! And I owe it all to making pretzels!!! If I had not spent a day miffing about making, or trying to make pretzels i never would have got that one step closer to.....THE GOLDEN BEET.

Thats right friends, today I think I made the golden beet. Experimenting with colour on the pretzels led me possibly to the gold colouring I have been dreaming about. I thought I would get there with gold leaf or a kind of rub on gold but as it turns out, like most of my answers to problems it was in the hot shop all along. Tomorrow will tell as i get to pull her from the annealer. For the love of god, fingers crossed! All hail the pretzel in all its worldly glory.

Yesterday we were also extremely lucky to be taken to the most spectacular garden. I think it was called Dunbeath castle. The gardens are huge and I can just imagine that they would be stunning in Summer. The green house was what blew my mind. I just wanted to live in there. Maybe they won't notice?