The Pretzel king of Thornbury

I am over half way in now and I think I'm feeling it. I just feel a bit tired but I'm trying so hard to work hard, fast and smart to really pull the most out of it. Today I just felt like I could not face making another beet. The daikon I pulled out from yesterday just looks like rubbish to me. He is a sandblaster candidate I think. So what did I make today you ask?


Thats right pretzels. What the hell? I spent four hours trying to perfect the pretzel. I probably should have been spending my time perfecting the beet, but like I said, I felt like I just couldn't face another today. It is always frustrating beginning work on something entirely new, but I think it is good for the mind to try and switch gears and make something new. I get frustrated easily and because I was feeling a bit tired I think I have the potential to give up easily. Lucky for me Jeff was there and he must have figured out what buttons to press to make me flare up and get on with it. I was struggling with this thing over and over, just about to give up and ready to switch off when he goes to me something along the lines of, "if you give up now I'm making a fucking pretzel tomorrow in my session." Of course thats like a red flag to a bull, you can't make a fucking pretzel! I am! So I persevered and I think, hopefully I might have something nice to bring out of the annealer tomorrow. I am the ultimate jerk. Don't tell me I can't make something and voila, there it is.

Trish took some shots of me making a beet that are pretty sweet. Prepare for the onslaught of images now....

And there you have it.
How to make a phat beet.