First night away from the fam

So just like a lil baby bird, tonight is my first night out of the nest. My first night away from my family. The rest of the crew have one more night then they too will fly the coop. You know what? I'm really going to miss those goons. For six weeks we were a tight knit crew. We worked together, learnt together, cooked and ate together, drank cocktails together, lived together and laughed together (some more than others...thats me, until now I had not really recognised the impact of my laugh. I mean I knew it was loud but apparently it is often. Jeff told the girls they had to laugh more on their last day to fill the gaps). 

It's really just like a big experiment, throwing these four totally different individuals together and see what happens. Will they get along? Will they be at each others throats? Will they burn the hot shop down? Will they make work? In such an isolated situation I think you have no option but to form close relationships. It's funny when you start working with someone so closely and for so long, I kind of feel as though you start to take on a bit of each others traits. Or sometimes you switch who is who. For example one week I would be totally organised with a list of what I wanted to make each day and Jeff would just fly off the cuff. Then the next week it would be Jeff that was super organised and me that was all scrambly. I felt like George and Elaine switching places.

It feels strange to be apart from them. I know last week I was ready to come home but now that it is happening I am starting to miss them already. I feel pretty lucky to have met such fantastic people. My last night in Lybster was killer. We closed down the bar, drank whiskey, rocked the juke box then stayed up till dawn to watch the sun rise through Jeffs piece on the cliffs. It looked spectacular!

I feel like I want to blurt out a whole lot of things before I forget them! My memory is terrible I have numerous people to vouch for this...

I will always remember:
- our mascot, smashcot, a poor little squished mouse who you saw everyday on the way to the studio. somedays i look at him, sometimes i don't..
- the constant clicking of the millions of kilns Anna seemed to be firing at once
- sunday night bingo
- the beautiful and mesmerising sounds of trish's installation
- friday night fish and chips
- the amazing light of lybster
- patting foxy for the first time
- apple bombs
- unihorn
- watching the world of lybster roll past the studio doors like clockwork everyday
- charlton heston, the cat
- sinclair, the tescos cat
- our kitchen table being covered in a fine layer of salt at all times
- dragon mondays
- jeffs love of 'the power of love'
- our trip to the awe inspiring dunbeath castle gardens
- the first time i made a golden beet
- a lot of double parking
- my very first lucid dream
- blowing glass in the snow
- communication breakdowns with jeff; whats a pushie?
- seeing criss cross rain
- seeing snow form on the mountain tops from the bathroom window
- carving it up in wick
- shrinking all my clothes in the dryer
- subbing in for grace's pool team
- winning the bowls raffle
-having the fucking time of my life all thanks to blowing glass.