Bizay Pete

Woah. Just Woah.

So much is going on its just nuts! So many balls in the air its hard to see whats what! maybe thats why i  havent blogged since the ice ages?

alright, lets just spew it out, always easier that way...

. got a new studio, woo! have taken on a warehouse in brunswick with 7 others from all different backgrounds looking to make something amazing from an abandoned warehouse just off sydney road. she needs some work, ie partitioning, ripping up floors, busting down walls and building new ones (or in my shonky carpenter ways, just ripping down one and transporting it to another place. i call it franken wall! don't see any chippies knockin on my door anytime soon...)

. had a couple of orders come my way, always nice

. did a mini stint in radelaide to make some work, always a blur but always super productive. love that rockabee kid, she is the bomb.

. workin a bit more on the bottles, new work say "ooooooooohhhhh"....

. got a group show "artisans in the garden" coming up in Sydney, gotta freight the work next week

. got a show opening this week!! its at Fort Delta, shop 59 Capitol Arcade, 113 Swanston St, Melbourne. Its a group show put together by the pozzible peeps. you should come along if you are in melbourne town (i hear theres talk of a mobile creme brulee truck being there....that alone should be enough to get anyone there.)

. BIG NEWS: i'm apart of the design files open house again!! this time the extravaganza will span over sydney and melbs!! super pumped lucy has asked me to design something especially for the houses and together we have collaborated to come up with something awesome! i'm pretty excited to launch these bad boys, can't wait to take my work to sydney, hopefully make some new pals (stockists, buyers, $$!!)

check out the link here

. in a couple of weeks I will be off to adelaide again to make the work for the design files with my dream team AND get to assist the most awesome lady in glass KAren Willenbrink Johnsen!! Can you believe it? My persistant weaseling looks like it paid off, together with the JAm we have managed to get Karen and her equally talented husband Jasen to come a teach a work shop in Adelaide, alllll the way from the states. so excited. so terrified (what if i wreck something or stuff something up??)

so yeah, its biz-zay around these parts!!