Halo! I have so much to tell you I don't even know where to begin!! Lets just begin with the most recent and work our way back, sounds about right.
My biggest and most exciting news is that The Design Files (THE Design Files) did an interview on me!! A whole big Friday spread on little ole me. (Trust me, I can't believe it either...) I am just pleased as punch. Lucy wrote such nice things about me and it received such lovely comments from her readers that it made me turn another shade. Feeling so grateful (and am I allowed to say this?), so PROUD. I work like a little demon most times (as my patient husband will attest) and sometimes I have doubts and wonder if I am on the right track at all. But then an amazing opportunity like this comes along and I just feel like I am totally walking the path, if that makes sense. Anyways, you can make that decision for yourselves and check out the interview here if you like. I'm hoping it leads to BIG things....

Another interview that was recently run on me was one by the fantastic Brad from JamFactory. He took some sweet shots of me and my team in the shop. The link for that one is here. Its really nice to have such a spread to promote all the work I been busy making lately. A couple of weeks ago I trekked to Adelaide to make all my Design Files work for the upcoming open house. If you are in Sydney or Melbs you should really check that out its going to be MASSIVE. 

So in four sessions we roughly made 85 units. I think that is pretty amazing. The majority of what we made was the new display domes for the Open House. Was quite a bold (potentially stupid) move on my behalf to go into full on production mode after only really one prototype session. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, and this time I lucked out. Huzzah.

The next part of the trip was the big workshop for the JAm that had been almost a year in the planning. I had managed to get Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and Jasen Johnsen over to teach a week long class and somehow I managed to weasel in my way to TA for them. So amazing. They are such phenomenal glass sculptors. It was a crazy week. We made like a candy day of the dead type skull with birds and flowers, an antelope, balinese mask, oh, and you know just two dogs on a beach with a palm tree and a parrot, no big deal. 

In between all this me and Andy have been putting together our studio. We are so close to moving in. SO CLOSE. We now have walls, big ups to T-Bird and Darryl, we also have a door, Andy deserves all that credit, and now we have painted walls!! So exciting. I just want to move in already. HAs been such a long process, but thats ok, don't good things come to those who wait?

Probably one of the best things to happen on my last trip to Adelaide was a surprise party for one of my dear friends Deb Jones. Deb had recently just bought herself a shipping container and the girls at Gate 8 studio decided to surprise her and fill it with 800 balloons!! 800!! It was the most beautiful joyous thing I have ever seen! There were kids running around in there losing their minds and because of all the static i think they were popping left right and centre, just imagine the acoustics in there!

Look how happy everyone is!


And during this time I was also apart of two exhibitions. Lets just say some lessons were learned...

So it's been a crazy month or so with lots of goings on and lets hope more to come.

(And heres a picture of my cat with colour samples for the studio...)