Adelaide wrap up yo

These are a few snaps from my last trip to Adelaide. I can't remember if I talked about this or not.....I'm going to go with not. This was my very first solo drive over in my very new ute, Stevie Nicks. I am very proud to say we made it over in one piece and lil Stevie kept me safe, even in torrential rain. My husband had his doubts about me driving alone and rightly so seeing as I seem to turn into Rip Van Winkle as soon as we have pulled out of the driveway.... but I did it. Next time I think a pal to keep me company on the drive home would be best, that bit I was real tired and it felt a whole lot longer.

I got to hang out with my family which is always awesome. I always wish it is for longer. There is nothing like being home. The sights and smells are so familiar. Only thing that would make it better was if my sister was there too. And a dog. I think my parents should get a dog....

This magnificent lagoon is my nan and pa's pool. 

And this gorgeous creature is my very dear friend Lisa. Lis is such a champion. I miss her all the time. Lucky for me she is coming to visit next week!!! I can't wait.

And the Fringe was on while I was home so I totally lucked out! Adelaide fringe is incredible. 

But lets not forget why i was in town, to puff some glass damnit! And puff glass I did. Me and my trusty team of Dani and Jaan also with the additional sub of Georgie. I just love working with those guys. They are such skilled makers and they just make my entire session a dream to work. Not only are they my mates, they work ridiculously hard for me. And Dani lets me stay with her! I sure do love them a whole bunch. If only I could get them to move to Melbs....

I feel so torn at the moment. I love Adelaide and all it has for me. Family, friends, work, but I love Melbourne for all it's potential and opportunities. I feel like in Melbourne I am back to being a little fish in a big pond. It's tough out there when you run your own business. I just feel like I need a little break, some inspiration, a little silver lining to my cloud. Sometime I feel Melbs is just too cool for me and I get sick of the hype and the hunt for the next big thing. You know, the cool factor, I'm over that. I just want to be happy with what i make and have avenues for it to flourish. I'm a hard little worker bee and I enjoy working hard but I just need some ease to be injected into that work life, I can't have the struggle all the time.

This is taken from one of my very favourite places, Hillside Herbs, a giant succulent and herb farm. So beautiful and every species under the sun. 

And these are some new pieces I have been playing around with.

I'm not exactly sure why I keep this blog, I think it must be just for me? I know people read but I'm curious as to why no one really comments. Must be just for me. Good job me, your'e a good guy at stuff, chin up kid. (Thats what I would comment anyway..)