In the words of Marvin Gaye...."Whats goin' on"

It has been so busy around these parts I don't even know where to begin! You know all those lines I had in? All those little nibbles waiting ever so patiently? Well as luck would have it.....ALL the bites are in!! It's bananas! I thought I would be lucky to get just one. Surprise, it's all the bites!

AND on top of that I got orders to make from Life Instyle. One could say its on like donkey kong. (Man Life Instyle was a beast all unto itself if you know what I mean, thats another blog post all in itself....the term 'ball breaker' comes to mind as does the vivid memory of me hiding in the employee lounge cramming burger rings in my mouth and watching kirsten wiig clips while laughing hysterically with tears streaming down my face, but, ahem, like I said, a story for another blog post..)

But that being said, Life Instyle wasn't all self imposed Chinese burns and fits of hysteria. I made some good pals, got me some sweet connections and orders to make. It did though make me realise even more so that I am not cut out for the retail gig. I am a maker dammit, not a sales monkey. Which brings me to my next point, I am now proud to announce I quit my day job. I said adios to retail hell and hello to being a full time glassy! It's still quite terrifying and I think thats why I took so long to tell anyone about it, I just didn't want to set myself up for a fall I guess. Whose to say I won't need a part time job again in 6 months time? I know now to embrace change and I know what i do want out of employment be it part time or full.

Ultimately I just want to be valued as much as I give. I don't want to be another number. I work hard in whatever it is I do and I'm down for that, I just want it to be recognised. After one particularly hellish day in the retail gig it became painfully obvious that I was just a casual. No matter how you sugar coat it thats what it boiled down to. It didn't matter what I did, I guess I was under the illusion I was special. But as a company evolves I just felt unhappy with how they were moving and so here we are. Change is inevitable but if the changes are not are fit for you its ok to bloody well say so and make changes of your own. (No matter how terrifying these are.) I work for me. I am my own boss lady and that feels pretty good.

I gotta say working for yourself has its own set of curly problems to tackle. Everyday i feel as though I learn some lesson. It is still taking me time to adjust. At first I really missed the girls at work who had become my friends but as Brendan put it, you can't go back to work there just because you miss your mates. Fair point. I also thought working for yourself you would get all this time to take better care of yourself, exercise more, eat well....hah! Most days I don't even stop for lunch! What the flip is that about?!! I have to try and create my own routine now otherwise I just drift in a sea of work. 

But don't cry for me though Argentina, I'm liven the dream!

Look, I even employed this guy to cold work for me!

And this gal! I employ her too!

And this! This magnificent beast is my very first piece of machinery. A grinding wheel!

As my good friend Lisa would say "its all coming up mil house'.

(And of course if everything fails miserably, I've always got this handsome devil to scowl at me.)