amanda dziedzic x gorman

I have had probably the busiest time of my LIFE in the last five months! (Is that even possible?!) It got so hairy there I thought I was going to totally flip my wig and melt into a puddle on the studio floor....My mantra became "Just concentrate on what you have to do today" which was paired very closely with "Just think, this time next week, this will be done!!" I knew I could do it, it just meant organising, planning and staying the course (no matter how stressful that might be), kind of like "If you book them, they will come".... I guess I also knew that the studios I work from kind of shut down for a couple of months so I had to make the dollars now you know? Make hay while the sun is shinning and all that jazz. So working like crazy now will ensure me with funds for the summer of AMANDA!! (So when you hear me whining that I don't have anything to do and freaking out (I'm one of those weirdos who has to be doing about five things at once and ALWAYS working to feel right) just remind me that I busted my lil keister so I can have a break in the Summer.)

This is probs one of my most exciting collaborations to date. I had the extreme pleasure of working with Mrs Gorman. THE Lisa Gorman. What the flip?! I know!! I got the opportunity to design some limited edition homewares for their brand new hometime collection. This was a colab that took place over months. At one point I really doubted that I could do it, I really pushed myself and there was a point that I actually thought I couldn't make it.....Let me just say to say that I am glad that I powered thorough is BEYOND and UNDERSTATEMENT!!! 

It was such a great experience. I can remember getting to meet Lisa and her awesome assistant Bonnie and being so nervous. (What a dork) When I got to meet them in their studios I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my little head! I was trying so hard to just concentrate on what they were saying but there were all these amazing Gorman clothes everywhere! NEW Gorman clothes!! I could barely contain myself. I got to see all the brand new summer styles before they were even released! SO, so EXCITED!!. 

So I designed these crazy pineapple carafes which I totally love. I think they fit the bill so well. The other story I went with was the lobster story. So, so cool. I made all the tumblers in a team of three which was super fun and I flameworked all the swizzle sticks. Flameworking is something I have always been interested in and I think there is great potential for my work so what I did was design something which would force me to learn. This proved to be both stroke of genius and tear our hair material. But the point is I got there and I am super stoked with the results. I think thats what I have learnt the last six months is that you gotta make these big jobs work for you. Yeah, they are a really important source of income but the value is really in what you learn from them. Each job gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill. I wanted to learn some flameworking so I designed a job that required it.

With the big dinos job I worked on I really got to work on my blowing skills and learn how to use my new cold working wheel. Win, win. One of my favourite parts of the Gorman job was.....the packaging!!! So, SO sweet! I am such a sucker for good packaging and Bonnie did an excellent job sourcing the tubes. (tubes, its the way of the future).

Did I mention how much I liked the packaging?
And a sticker with my name on it! So fance!

And heres my cute mum helping me to pack it all up! Man, oh man packing is a full time gig!! Took me hours, thank god for family the silent workforce of the artist.

You can check out the collection on line here or go and visit (buy) them in person at their amazing new store on driver lane in the city (melbs). So, SO FANCY!!