Yerring Station

This is another exhibition that I was apart of this year. It's a collaborative piece for the Yerring Station Sculpture award with my friend Elaine Miles. I snapped these shots on my phone and I think they look so rad! We made this glass box that we set into the pond and flooded it with the water, our glass and plant life. The reflections are just off the hook! I could stare at them all day.

We didn't win but it was a fun project to work on and I felt that we learnt heaps from it, like ways to improve it next time. I also know that next year I will be applying for the "inside" pond....! I want to make some works that float but are tethered in place so they can't crash into the walls. The site is a winery which has the most beautiful gardens. I'm dying to go back for a fancy ass lunch there. Yesterday we went back to deinstall and the gardens had changed so much. 

Deinstall was less glamorous than the install...that is as glamorous as wading in a slimy pond can be. The algae had taken over quite a bit....ewwwww! I think next time the trick would be to flood the box with our own water that way we can control the environment. But it also was in full sun, I think thats why I would like the indoor site next time. Climate controlled could give the plants a better chance to grow. And next time if I entered such a competition I would go and check out the site beforehand. I find that I always get more inspiration from being outdoors and I should have taken advantage of that.