One Golden Day

About a month ago I ventured back to Radelaide to go to the Aus Glass conference for 2015. I wasn't even going to go but then I found out my buddy Jeff was going to be there gaffing for Berlin Glass and I knew if I didn't go I would never hear the end of it.... Man oh man am I glad I did! I had the best time! It was so inspiring to be among your peeps. I had so many amazing conversations mostly with people I already knew but I felt like alot of good ideas were hatched and I feel like the majority of those were not pipe dreams. Like they have the ability to grow legs and become reality!
So I got to watch Tobias Mohl demo and hear him speak. He makes truly beautiful work and speaks so well. I could listen to that dream boat allllllll day....

I finally got to meet this amazing woman! Jess Dare! I have been following (stalking) Jess on instagram for sometime now and just been hanging out to meet her. Turns out she's an absolute peach! You know when you meet one of those types of people and you're kind of like why the flip haven't we met before?! She makes exquisite, delicate flameworked pieces and I was so pumped to see her demo. I have been banging on forever about learning some flameworking and I think this might be the way to do it. We got to chatting and she was lovely enough to invite me to her studio to chat. I think we might have hatched a plan to exhibit/work together that I am so excited about!! She also gave me the excellent tip off to visit the museum of economic botany in the botanic gardens. MIND BLOWN! Wowzers what a collection. I just loved it in there.

Lets see, what else? Saw some more demos, listened to some great talks, had a couple of hangovers...

And then, I had THE day. The ONE GOLDEN DAY where everything clicked and was amazing. It started with getting to luck out and assist Jeff for the Berlin Glass Demo. I was just kinda standing around, making sure he had everything he needed then before you know it, BAM!, I'm on the glass!! Just like old times. (My little heart was beating so fast!!)

And get this, here comes my crowning moment of glory; I had made this killer playlist for the Berlin Kids to work to (I wanted to introduce them with a mega phone ala-lets get ready to rumble style and have them walk out to back in black...) and at the exact time that we went to join the two pieces together Back in Black cranked up at the exact moment!! Bang on!

So after this little high, this led to the next win free fringe tickets!!

Which led to seeing a phenomenal (free!!) show where toned gentlemen performed acrobatics in bathtubs to Tool songs. Fine by me. Which led to espresso martinis and large swing rides with this champion.

I really did have the greatest time. One of my most favourite things was I got to spend so much time with one of my dearest mates. This girl is a total champ.

And this goon.
He's pretty alright too.

 I also got to meet a koala!!

So yeah, I guess Adelaides pretty kewl. I crammed 4 fringe shows in two days, sweated it out in 40 plus degree weather (at a glass conference, oh the irony), met a whole heap of new friends and got to blow some glass.

till next time Marmelaide.