The Power of a good Breakfast

For a little while now my friend and I have been meeting for breakfasts every now and again. I met this amazing creature when we both worked in the dark depths of retail. I love this woman, I think she is just so inspiring, a real creative soul and funny, man is this chick funny. I could laugh with that idiot all day. We bonded over terrible customer experiences and our wanting to cast off the shackles of the repressive 'man' that is a life in retail so our creative spirits could fly. Well that and a well poached egg it seems. And we even used to live on the same street!

So in 2014 our mantra was 'the year I turn pro' and I am so stoked to tell you that we both did it! I feel like we totally had each others back on this and gave each other the little prompts when we needed it. Probably without even knowing it, like today for instance, I did not really even feel like going into the studio today but after a delicious breaky and a chat with her I'm feelin good and ready to hit the studio again.

I also think it is pretty awesome that even though we don't work together anymore we still make the effort to catch up over our love of breakfasts (we are just two women eating our way through the north). That is one thing I do miss about work is not seeing those gorgeous women. That was the best thing about that job was the people hands down.

So I think it's a pretty special and rare thing (maybe just for me?) to make a chick friend like this, especially as I get older. (Why is it so much harder to make good friends when we are older?) and I think she is pretty rad. I mean look at her, whats not to love?!

So thanks Bing, I think your'e alright, and kid, I've got your back. 

(Ps. the second choice for a pic was the one where you cut and paste your own face onto some chick standing next to Richo. Gold.)