So I had one of my lovely stockist ask me for some vases. Do you make vases? I sure do! I was a bit cheeky and just totally put it out there what I wanted to make, and do you know what? They said yes! (This is the crux of my career and the one rule I live by, you ready, here goes, this may be shocking;

Just ask! It's so simple. It is also what alot of people ask me, how did you get that? How did you get that colab with Gorman? How did you get that solo exhibition? How did you get your works in there?!
I just asked.
It is as simple as that. 
I asked and they said yes!
Not everyone says yes, but how are they going to have an opportunity to say yes if you never ask?
You just gotta put out there what you want and I believe 9 times out of 10 you get it.

So I wanted to make really simple vases in nice bright colours. Turns out the stockist wanted that too!

So before I delivered them I wanted to get a couple of nice shots while I had all the colours and sizes in stock. Maybe others might want them too? It was a little rushed but I think they should turn out nice. Being a florist is hard!

I can't wait to see the 'real' shots. Next time I am going to book my sister who is an actual florist and we are going to be unstoppable. BAM.