End of an era

On Wednesday the  13th of May, team rock had their last blowing session together for I don’t know how long. Dani, Jaan and me have been blowing glass together for nearly 9 years. I guess I kinda knew we only had Jaan temporarily but I never thought too much about it. He seems like a permenant fixture in both Dani and my lives but now it’s time for him to go home to Canada.  I had to remind myself more than once, there’s no crying in glass blowing…

“Theres no crying in glass blowing”, that’s just one of the gems we have come up with over the years. Another personal favourite is, “Make what look like what to look like what?”, or “back in my day I we blew 16hrs a day 8 days a week” and who can forget the call and response “your’e good”  “and youre pretty”.We have built our own hilarious language together and I am going to miss that idiot so much.

Jaan and Dani started their associateship together and they came in my second year. Over this time we built a solid crew and they were my team everytime.  I remember one of the first times I absolutely busted his balls for rocking up late to a sand casting job, still drunk, with a coffee in his hand and a sheepish grin on his face. I was fucking seething! Furious! I wanted to go to that fucking free cointrau party too, but no, I knew we had work in the morning. So I was the only bozo to man up, call him out and send him home. Oh man did he feel it. After we finished the job I think I came back to my phone with like 5 missed calls and a voicemail appologie. (Little did he know if he had of rocked up with a coffee for me none of this would have happened…) Man, how things have changed.

We worked so hard but we laughed just as hard. In the last year I could rely on Jaan to make my work for me when I couldn’t get to Adelaide.  We formed a tight lil trio and I am sad to think we might not work together again. But you know, nothing lasts forever. We are always in a state of flux, that’s just how it is. It was amazing to be able to rely on him and I’ll miss his headbanging at the gh. This goon is loved by so many, there is going to be a huge Jaan shaped whole in the Adelaide glass community and in me and Dani’s little hearts.

So it turns out there is crying in glass blowing because man did I bawl like a baby when it came to say goodbye. Shit, I ever tear up a little just thinking about it now… At least I was there for the last party and we got to send him off right. We even got our team rock t-shirts that we had been talking about for about 5yrs. Polerock, Rockaby and Dzierock.

I sure do love you Jaan. I love you so much. You know Dani and I are coming to visit in Canada right??