Adelaide, the land of celery dreams and glass blowin teams

Another day, another trip to Adelaide. I have been to Adelaide so much this year. It is both good and bad. Good that I get to see my family and mates and blow a shit load of glass. Bad in that I have to hit the ground running, generally stress myself out and have to blow a shit load of glass. Same, same but different see?
So deja vu, heres a bunch of lights I made.
Here's the little ray of sunshine that works her ass off for me and keeps me on track.
I did get to go and see a show opening which was super fun. It's at my fav pub, the wheaty and with some of my fave gals, the girls from gate 8.
But this is the most exciting thing.....celery! I finally got to spend some time working on my solo show next year. I' starting to get excited for it and almost ready to throw myself in head first. I've been doing a little dicking around and procrastinating but finally I am (almost) ready to commit! Darryl made me a couple of sweet leaf moulds to use and the celery stalk was one of them. I am so happy with how these stalks turned out. Pretty good for the first try right? Exhibition work is hard going. Especially if you are trying to make new works. It's just so freaking expensive to make glass. So to make something that a. potentially might not work out and b. doesn't turn an initial profit is really tricky. And now that grants are getting harder and harder to come by, it's even trickier. 
I think these guys turned out pretty good. (I love that my sister said to me, "why'd you put that picture of celery on instagram?" "uh, because I made them....out of glass!!" "ohhhh, i thought they were real!" hahahahahaha. Job done.
Now I gotta think about how i am going to display all these lil suckers. That is a show in itself.