Springin in the step

Hello friends! Spring is here! (Well you might be mistaken for thinking it was still winter in melbs after that fucking torrential downpour last night but what evs)

Spring just made me feel instantly better. I loved seeing our apricot tree puff out into gorgeous marshmallowy puffs then just a week later there was gorgeous plump new leaves! So good. Even my old friend the maple is back (My sister gave him to me for Christmas and shortly after all his leaves shrivelled and he rapidly turned to brittle stick...) The nasturtions are fucking off the hook! Swirling their little tendrils into anything possible.

So good.

It has been a whole bunch of worrying and stressing out for me, oh, i reckon the last month? And just when I thought there was an end in sight...WRONG!! New giant orders to make and freak out about. Anyway, thats for later to worry about. It's past 5pm, I'm off the clock dammnit. (Thats my new thing, no bizz after I get home.) 

Me and Rizz got to install our little exhibition in Fed Square on Monday (At blood 6am I might add) and it looks pretty sweet. Seeing as I panicked when it came time to submit the name and was listening to beastie boys at the time, consequently the tittle of the show is;

"Like a scientist, when I'm applyin this"

(Pretty good right? Thanks Mc A)

Its on in the fracture gallery in fed square for a week as part of the craft cubed festival. Noice.

It's always hard to get decent snaps from installations but I still think it is pretty awesome. So then the next big thing was the transportation of my new equipment....
MAn oh man did I give myself some new grey hairs over this one. I almost gave myself a panic attack at the party just looking at the annealer. It just looked so big, awkward and heavy. My eyes kept sneaking over to it mid conversation with whoever I was talking too. I think I had to leave the room at one point. And then I freaked out that the movers I had booked were bogus. Bogus as in didn't exist and just took my deposit. (seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?) (In my defence they were two hours late) Anyways, they got the job done and I am only slightly greyer to show for it.
Look at all my stuff! And there is an annealer in the loading bay. All I need is a furnace....and a gas line, and a new studio, and connection,....could be sitting there for awhile, but, hey, it's mine, I paid for it, I'm ready. (Almost) My kiln controller came in the mail today so now I can get it installed and get it to hold temp. I bought this cute lil kiln off ebay and who fucking knew that tetlows just switch off when they get to top temp??! Not me thats for sure. What a grade A doofus. So now I got it and just gotta get it installed, next on my hit list is a bigger oxy tank from supa gas. I got a little guy from bunnings and man did my torch chew through that! Like, maybe two hours total? Another "learning" curve. 

Just look at my cute little set up!!

And heres my pal helping me set up. Watch that beard buddy...

I just want to be on that torch! Life just keeps getting in the way though. I had this amazing feeling of lightness on Monday after we installed the show. I felt like all my months of planning and worrying were finally coming to an end. That I could dedicate time and space to my exhibition, to play on the torch and make some stuff....WRONG!
Hey heres an order for x60 lights. Hey Dinosaur Designs wants to stock your Yumemiru for Christmas. Hey Cummulus wants you to design and make champagne decanters for them. All this is AMAZING. I just wish it could be spaced a little better? Is that even right? I think it's hard because I have to slot into another studio to make the works. Like rather than space it over a couple of sessions a week for a month I have to do it all in one hit. One big, fuck off week. Sometimes I wonder just how I got myself into this? It's ok, I can do it. I just make it happen. Thats what I do. I have almost resigned myself to the fact that I will be blowing my exhibition work in Febuary and March. Not my ideal plan, but a decent back up. If I didn't get these orders I couldn't spend the $$ to make the exhibition pieces. Catch 22 I guess. (What the fuck does that even mean?!)

I am also looking forward to spending the Summer, December and January on the torch. I want a large part of the exhibition to have flameworked components. Better hop to it I guess...

Wish me luck.