Lettuce, entertain you..

I. Have.......READERS!!!! (who aren't my mum. love you moomah)

Got into the studio super early to work on my attachments for the show (in 15 days, thanks for asking, but not like i am counting or anything...) and feelin a little wah, bad morning, don't ask.. so i though i would open up my little blog to find...COMMENTS!! Sweet, sweet comments. Victory is mine.


So thank you, whoever you are, you totally made my day. Got a sweet little note from Lucy over at ..ahem, THE Design Files.
(if you haven't checked it out, ditch this and get over there now, well, maybe after this)
And you made me squeal out loud with delight! (don't worry it's just me in the studio today..)

so much thanks, feelin the love today thats fo' sure.

Ps. how good is this name for my lamps; "Lettuce set the mood".