Day 2 - Viva la cane!

Another day, another cane.

Andi hard at work on the murrini chopper. Cutting the canes into little pieces.

Murini central, the kitchen.

Lookit! Looks like candies, no?

The beginnings of a tile.

Just a little more....

Maybe some of these?

Woah! All these lil' babies ready to rock.

The finished piece, or one of many... will take some action shots so you know how we get to this point. By the end of the day I am hot and forget I have a camera...
The murrini/cane makes all kinds of different and intricate patterns.
Today we just kind of tested the waters but tomorrow I am hoping we will go into full scale production and crank out some numbers. Our goal is 100 by the end of the week. God speed, lil murrini....