String Gardens

These by far were the most amazing thing I saw at the flower show. I had spied them before, trawling through the internet, but nothing beats seeing them in the flesh. They were just beautiful. All these hanging creations made for quite a striking installation. They are called string gardens. You can find some more here if you were interested. I can't figure out if these are grown over quite a period of time of just literally strung together. Maybe I should try and make some? How do I keep all the dirt together? (With the string you idiot) This idea will probably go in the pile with my vertical garden idea....I don't think i am much of the gardener type, shame because i really am in love with the idea of it. (Just spent the morning trawling through the Daylesford Organics blog man that is one amazing family. I think i might want to be them. This awesome rag tag bunch of super talented, both crafty and green thumb, up and moved to the country to start an organic farm 10 years ago (with an 8 month old baby) to start their new life. The mamma has her own blog Foxs Lane which is equally awesome.) I can keep succulents alive.....sometimes...does that count? I have a Brendan too, he likes gardening, does that count? Surely with these qualifications a move to the country to become organic farmers with lots of puppies is the obvious thing to do? Because lets face it, at the moment not much else is working out for me. How bad could a total upheaval be?

Im finding it hard to beep my head above water at the moment. Have suffered some setbacks and am worried I might go the way of Alice and drown in a sea of my own tears. I just thought this year was going to be amazing. In reality its turning out to be quite the opposite. How do i find the path again? What is lady universe trying to tell me?

I feel lost at sea.